We use the latest drone and camera technology to rapidly capture the condition, physical characteristics and relative health of turfed playing surfaces and related infrastructure. We provide low cost, high value information to support timely, well informed decision making.


The images captured can be used for:

  • Promotional images
  • Renovation / construction progress assessments
  • Area calculations for renovation and herbicide application planning
  • Existing condition assessments
  • Contour lines for drainage assessments
  • Irrigation coverage and asset mapping
  • Plant health and weed mapping
  • 2D & 3D maps suitable for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Google Maps and Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications

We can also conduct infrastructure inspections whilst on site. These could include:

  • Oval flood light inspections
  • Sports pavilion and grand stand roof inspections
  • Boundary fence inspections

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